Sunday, October 26, 2008

Endless stream of Thanking ..

Human words are still not expressive enough to express my feelings..
I have an endless stream of thanking that I can't count ..
It starts and end with my strongly thirst to Thank Our Great GOD for every thing and for every single second happened in my life.. and I'm now dominated to thank Him for giving me the Best Truly Life Friends, a great Family indeed with all the meanings this word can mean ..

The stream doesn't end, it contains miles and miles of thanks to those true great friends, true brothers and sisters whose give me an infinity support, who always care, who always share; who always share moments of happiness and sadness, who always give and never wait for return, who always stands beside without seeing them, who always ask about you without knowing, who always do out of love and care, who never wait till you ask for their help, who .. who .. who ... sooo many things can't be written or even described by words ..
I really want to thank them by names; but I'm much more afraid to loss the name of any one of them .. but I'm sure I don't need to call them, they are always known without specifying ..

I think I can't talk more than that, I have to go trying to make an action that actually express all the above words ..

Thank you fe3lan .. El 7amd lel Allah ..
Al Salam Alikom ..

Friday, October 3, 2008

Really want to talk freely !!!

Al Salam Alikom wa Rahmat Allah wa barakatoh..
How are you who ever pass by this inactive blog !? Hope all are well and happy :)
May be you noticed that it's more than one complete year to write a "readable post" or "a post that deserve reading" .. yes, i'm really so sad for that. but actually i can't find a new thing to talk about, i can't find an important|attractive topic to talk about, and even when i find i couldn't have the ability to write, may by some of you know the dark black inactive year i was leaving!! indeed it was trouble and horrible time, i'm trying now to take an actual steps outside this year and life.

Well, i think my words have little bit of ambiguity !!! okay .. i will try to be more clear and decent.
I really want to re interact with people, want to retrieve my activity, my fastness in every thing "except in talking". If you have any thing you want to say or topics you like to discuss .. really i'm so welling for so.. if you have any advice or have something you want to tell me, please feel free to just write it .. i really missed being an active person, i really MISSED TALKING FREELY !!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Graduation Project !!

Al Salam Alikom,

I know, it's more than 1 complete year not publishing any thing here .. really I was trying all the time to return back with a "woow" post .. but it seems that i'm not capable of doing so ..

Any way, I need your help .. soo urgently .. nowadays we are in the phase of selecting an idea for our graduation project.. we have number of ideas, but some of them are not feasible some are not attractive and others I can't feel that they are graduation project ..

I need you help .. I know most of my blog readers are already graduated so sure you have huge number of "feasible" ideas .. i will be so glade to know them ..

Thanks in advance.. and in shaa Allah I'll write a "woow" post one day !!

Al Salam Alikom ..

Friday, July 6, 2007

al 7amd lel Allah ...

Wherever you are or whatever happen ... just don't forgot to say : al 7amd lel Allah ...

-When you find yourself can breath, see, touch …. Don't forget to say : al 7amd lel Allah ...

-When you find yourself having a family ... Don't forget to say : al 7amd lel Allah ..

-When you find soo wonderful peoples around you, just care on you ... Don't forget to say : al 7amd lel Allah ..

-When you find peoples around you are smiling and laughing .... Just say : al 7amd lel Allah ... al 7amd lel Allah that you live in peaces, see smiles, hear laughs instead of seeing tears and hearing cryings ..

-When you feel that you have a friend, a TRUE friend, love you and care on you ...
You must say : al 7amd lel Allah ...

-Even, if you know that there are some people just hate you and wanted your life to be full of misery ... just say : el 7amd lel Allah ... el 7amd lel Allah that you know them, that u can avoid them, so as not to have a real life shock when u realize that they are not ur friends after giving them all your love and care ...

-When you find yourself surrounded with every trouble in life and can't smile ... just say : al 7amd lel Allah ... because Allah have chosen you with this abtela2at 3ashan ynakek men zonobak and He wants to hear your voice when praying for Him and asking Him to help you..

-When you meet muslim peoples trying to do all what they can do to make difference and change every thing to its correct state ... Don't forget to say : al 7amd lel Allah, al 7amd lel Allah that you meet those peoples in your life to help you and encourage you to be better muslim and encourage you to change life to its correct state ..

-When you can see the right right and the wrong wrong ... You have to say : al 7amd lel Allah, al 7amd lel Allah that you know the difference between the right and the wrong and you have mind to think and do the right and change or avoid the wrong ...

-When you find your self having the ability to say "al 7amd lel Allah", just say "al 7amd lel Allah" .. when ... when ... when .... soo many whens .... fya Rabi, kef ashkorak wa shokre lka ne3ma tasta7ek el shokr ...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Need your advice, please …

Al Salam Alikom wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatoh,

Well, we took the holiday el 7amd lel Allah… enjoyed our time :D:D … I think its time to begin planning for the rest of it ;)
while I was thinking of this, I said it's much better to share my ideas with you & I will be soo happy to read your advices & ideas …

Actually, I have many options /* any options is in addition to ACMing tab3an ;) */:

Option 1:
Just wait for FCIS summer course which, I think, we will take ASP .NET & anther thing I can't remember it plus self learning for a new skill.

Option 2:
Most of my colleagues say that FCIS summer course is not helpful at all and they want to take ASP .NET course in any educational center /* i don't like this option besara7a */.

Option 3:
Try to search for an internship in any company .. I like this option soo much, but I asked Dr Ahmed Salah about this, he told me that 2nd year vacation is my last chance to improve myself and try to acquire new skills.. //Java masalan

Option 4:
Any suitable combination from the previous options :D:D

I can't remember more options :D if any one have more feel free to add them in addition to ur choice please... /* please be realistic in ur choices & remember that i'm in holiday :D :D y3ny masalan mat2olish el sob7 FCIS summer training we el dohr part time internship masalan we belel self studying !!! */

Waiting for ur advises, and thank you in advance.